Tax Equity Investors
DSM partners with widely-held C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and other LLCs that have a state and federal tax liability.  Large retailers, banks, insurance companies, family offices, and utilities enjoy above market returns on their tax equity as well as the public relations benefit of promoting clean energy, sustainability, and energy independence.  Our investors typically have access to at least $10 million in funds and have previous experience in tax-related investments. The DSM finance team has developed an efficient, streamlined solar investment structure that meets the needs of our tax equity investors.
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We partner with community and national banks that provide construction and permanent debt for our projects. DSM has been successful in helping banks enter the foray of lending to solar projects.
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Utilities and Corporations
Utilities face a new paradigm of requirements for their business.  Providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy is no longer enough; now utilities must meet sustainability goals, incorporate distributed generation into their IRP, and support economic development and job creation.
The time is right for utilities to increase solar in their integrated resource plan.  DSM partners with all forms of utilities which have an interest purchasing power, Renewable Energy Certificates, or owning and being able to rate base 1-200 MW solar generation assets as part of their portfolio.
We provide development services, financial structuring, tax equity investment and operations and maintenance for utility and corporate owned solar assets.  We have advised utilities and corporations on designing solar programs and employees on best practices in solar inspection and interconnection.
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