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It is our goal to be the premier solar energy firm that provides its clients with an array of knowledge, know-how, and application in the solar energy industry. As solar energy increases as a global alternative and complimentary energy source, DSM is poised to take our clients into the future of energy production and use.


DSM Solar USA provides all homeowners throughout the United States of America with a universal solution to creating sustainable and renewable energy  for a fraction of the cost of traditional energy sources. Our Certified Solar Technicians will help our customers make knowledgable and informed decisions.

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DSM Solar USA is poised to take our clients into the future of energy production and use. Whether it is an urban neighborhood, a school building, government complexes, a rural farm area, telecommunications facilities, hospitals, or a retail mall.

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DSM Solar USA understands the importance of an innovative power source designed to assist with creating sustainable educational opportunities for students at every grade level.  Working in collaboration with the university's facilities department and in conjunction with the Physics and Engineering Department, DSM is currently designing a comprehensive solar design that will utilize solar PV, solar thermal, and wind turbine technology. Project scheduled to completed by May 2015.

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Any client seeking to have a viable long-term energy cost reducing alternative to the public electric grid, DSM Solar USA can provide the needed direction and development for a solar energy source for the client's use. Products/supplies, project management, training, financing, and installations, we are DSM Solar USA, your global solar energy source.

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